• Award-winning films directed with a passion for truthtelling. 



    We excel in any arena as a full service film company, providing everything from equipment to crew in a multitude of genres. 


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    "Randy has a thoughtful eye that really connects his shots with the larger purpose and style of the film. He has a heart commitment to his work, as well as serious visual chops."

    Diana Newton, Director/Producer - The Ties That Bind

    "I have hired Randy Benson to shoot and light many client videos. His work is excellent! He is the ultimate professional and he is great with the client. I highly recommend him for documentary and promotional video productions."

    Carol Thomson,

    Director/Producer - The Fall of Liberty;
    Founder, Firestream Media

    "Randy is a consummate professional.  As a first-time filmmaker, I was exceedingly lucky to have him as a collaborator.  He's generous, dedicated, easy-going, hope to work with him again!"

    Alexander C Totz, Director - 国内怎么上油管手机


    Have a vision? We can help bring it to light.

    "Simply put, Randy is one of the best DP’s I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  He brings to the field that rare combination of creative vision and technical expertise.  He can literally turn any space (including a white-walled conference room) into a beautiful setting for an interview.  His lighting is subtle and his shooting style smooth and precise.  The best part—you’re never stuck in the 安卓怎么打开油管迅游国际网游加速器 - xunyou.com:迅游网游加速器是最专业的国际网游加速器!有效解决玩家在玩绝地大逃杀美服等服务器玩网络游戏时遇到的延时过高,登录困难,容易掉线等问题,迅游国际网游加速器为网游保驾护航!

    Rachel Baer, Producer, 3 Story Productions

    "Not only is Randy’s work consistently outstanding, he is a total pleasure to work with. He is patient and knowledgable and always goes the extra mile to get the best looking shot. Randy has deepened my understanding of the filmmaking process and when I am in a position to hire for a project, he is always my top choice."

    Emily Frachtling - Producer/Editor


    Let our years of experience inspire your audience.

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